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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
08.00   Registration
09.00   Welcome
introduction to the convention program
Axel Seifert
09.15 Basics Filament winding technology - past, present, future
history, applications, markets, future developments
John Green
09.45   Coffee break and exhibition
10.30 Aerospace Composite rocket motor case development in Norway
rocket production and spin-off products (CNG vessels, propane containers)
Dr. Alexander Fjeldly
FFI, Norway
Stein Tenden
Nammo Raufoss, Norway
11.15 Aerospace Machinery for automated production of large space propulsion structures
specialized winding and wrapping machinery for the Ariane and Vega space launcher program
Roberto Blasi
Avio, Italy
12.00   Lunch and exhibition
13.30 Automation Filament winding with increased efficiency
winding with multiple individually controlled pay-out eyes
Michael Päßler
Institute for Composites (IVW), Germany
14.15   Coffee break and exhibition
15.00 Development and production Development of a two meter diameter pressure vessel by means of filament winding
product design, mandrel development, winding machine development, software, testing, production
Shekar Sardessai, P. K. Bagchi
Kineco, India
15.45 Software Celebrating 20 years of CADWIND
evolution of the industry's standard filament winding software, the latest innovations, future ideas
Axel Seifert
16.30   Discussion
17.00   Exhibition
18.00   Welcome reception and cocktail

Thursday, October 13, 2005
09.00 Energy markets Filament winding and fiber placement advances in the oilfield, energy and wind energy markets
industry, equipment, materials, design, markets
Dr. Scott Beckwith
Beckwith Technology, USA
09.45   Coffee break and exhibition
10.30 Aerospace Filament wound grid structures for air and fluid filters
product design, weight savings, serial production
Christophe Devillers
Sofrance, France
11.15 Life cycle analysis LCA of composite structures - theory and examples
life cycle analysis, life cycle inventory, energy consumption, environmental impact
Prof. Dr. Luigi Torre
University of Perugia, Italy
12.00   Lunch and exhibition
13.30 Design and analysis Determining material properties of filament wound pressure vessels
finite element analysis, split disk test, testing
Fuhwen Shiue
C-Tex, Taiwan
14.15   Coffee break and exhibition
15.00 Design and analysis Design of composite pressure vessels using finite element analysis
pre-dimensioning, winding simulation, FE analysis, optimization process
Jörg Multhoff, Dr. Jens Krieger
Isatec, Germany
15.45 Software Composite Star - current status and future perspectives
the database and design software for composites and its use for filament winding applications
Michael Sonnen
16.30   Discussion
17.00   Exhibition

Friday, October 14, 2005
09.00 Offshore technology Composites in the oilfield and beyond
offshore petroleum production, drilling risers, production risers, choke and kill lines, logging housings, galvanic isolators, deep water reservoirs
Dr. Brian Spencer
Spencer Composites Corporation, USA
09.45   Coffee break and exhibition
10.30 High temperature applications All oxide ceramic composite based on filament winding technique
fabrication, microstructural analysis, properties, applications
Bernhard Kanka
German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
11.15 High temperature applications Filament winding technology in high-temperature applications
carbon-carbon composites, ceramic material composites, manufacturing process, properties, applications
Thorsten Scheibel
Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik, Germany
12.00   Lunch and exhibition
13.30 Thermoplastics

Twintex® filament winding - a new technology for the pressure vessels market
thermoplastic winding now ready for industrial use, first applications, pressure vessels

Nicolas Bedouin, Christophe Ducret
Saint-Gobain Vetrotex, France
14.15   Coffee break and exhibition
15.00 Automotive The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle - a future application for composites
high pressure carbon fiber vessels for hydrogen storage, adapting the winding process to achieve high quality standards and meet the cost targets
Dr. Wolf-Ulrich Herres
Adam Opel AG Fuel Cell Activities, Germany
15.45   Discussion
16.15   Close of convention
  filament winding